Grade Structure and Terminology

Predominant paperboard substrates include: SBS, SUS and CRB (or CCN/CCNB.)


Solid Bleached Sulfate – SBS is the dominant board grade in a series of end use markets in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and other end use industries requiring USDA approval.

SBS is also utilized in folding cartons intended for perishable bakery, tobacco, medicinal, cosmetics, wet foods and retail box markets.


Solid Unbleached Sulfate – SUS (also known as Kraft) – The beverage carriers market has long been the mainstay of SUS.  Nearly 90% of carriers use SUS which is also a major board for candy, hardware and soap.


Coated Recycled Board (Clay Coated News / Clay Coated Newsback) – The major end uses for clay coated are dry foods, particularly the large cereal segment, dry bakery, medicinal, soap, paper goods and hardware.

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