Label Substrates / Label Adhesives Products



We have a number of great varieties and colors including: art paper, mirror-coated paper, printing paper, golden & silver aluminum foil paper, thermal transfer paper, direct paper, direct thermal paper, colored fluorescent paper.

Primary applications include:  Food, wines, consumer products, medical products bar coding etc…


Pet (polyester)

·         For heat and corrosion resistance
·         Available in a wide range of thickness
·         Can be metalized into different colors such as bright gold, matte gold, silver as well as others.


Primary applications include: application or vacuum parts of computers…such as monitors, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, changers, transformers, etc…



·         Has excellent printability
·         Can be printed by letterpress, flexography, screen, gravure and hot foil stamping.


Primary application include: batteries, electronic appliances, automobiles, motorcycle decorations, screen protection and window exhibitions etc…



·         A green product
·         A synthetic  paper
·         Often used for surface protection tapes such as over-lamination tapes
·         With a chemical surface treatment – it has good printability


Primary applications include: cosmetics, shampoo bottles, supermarket/grocery, frozen foods, and electrical appliances etc…



·         Tear-off paper
·         Tamper evident security
·         Brittle film and scratch-off
·         Products that seriously fight counterfeit products.  Nowadays it is hard to tell the difference between a counterfeit and genuine article




·         Made of PVC, PET or OPP
·         Have various patterns after vacuum metalized and laser treatment


Primary applications include: motor bike decoration, toys etc…


Electronic Assist Materials

·         Double-sided tape (with or without adhesive carrier)
·         Sandwich tape
·         Release film & paper
·         Stickers with silicone glue


Primary applications include:  Electronic products (i.e. TFT -LCD), and metal domes of cell phones of leading brands like Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson etc…