An Adobe Acrobat file article-world pac paper named to top inner city co list-obm 6-16-12.pdf 262.8 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file article-world pac paper among inner city 100 winners _ bcn 6-18-12.pdf850.55 KB<p>

 An Adobe Acrobat file The Yellow Sheet-WPP Makes Inc List p 13 9-12-09.pdf2.48 MB <p>

An Adobe Acrobat file Entrepreneurs Share valuable Insights with Business Students-Univ of Cincinnati 2010.pdf236.46 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file BCN-World Pac Paper Is On Fast Track p 26 9-14-09.pdf3.6 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-World_Pac Smith Named Ohio’s Top Small Businessman BCN-5-24-10.pdf693.46 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-World Pac Paper Founder Gets Small Business Award-Cincinnati Enquirer 5-23-10.pdf951.33 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-World Pac Paper Earns Position on 2009 Inc 500 List – Savoy Professional 1-22-10.pdf786.62 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-World Pac Honored by NMBC – Official Board Markets April 3-2010.pdf1.06 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-WPP Earns Regional Award – Yellow Sheet OBM 1-8-2011.pdf817.3 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Three Cincinnati firms make Inc’s 500 fastest-growing Business Courier 8-13-09.pdf944.41 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Macy’s Minority Vendor Receives Small Business Award – Coast to Coast Macy’s Inc Vol XV Summer 2010 Issue 3 Page 20.pdf3.3 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Local minority business named among Ohio’s top 100_The Herald 4-21-07.pdf426.75 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Local businessman receives high honor from Morehouse College-Cincinnati Hearld 3-1-08.pdf810.5 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Inc Magazine – Inc 500 List – World Pac Paper No 155 9-2009.pdf4.28 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-How developing business relationships can help grow your company-Smart Business 9-2011.pdf688.04 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Edgar L Smiths World Pac Paper gains national minority business recognition-The Herald 4-17 to 4-23-2010.pdf918.2 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Deloitte Cinci 100 – WPP as Rising Star – Cincinnati Enquirer 11-8-09.pdf1.7 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Courier announces 2007 Fast 55 winners_Business Courier 10-19-07.pdf477.17 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Chamber Picks Best Small Businesses_Cincinnati Enquirer 5-24-07.pdf816.41 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Business incubator names six award winners_Business Courier 6-30-06.pdf320.61 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Business Courier Supplemental-Goering Center Awards-WPP Honoree 9-27-10.pdf3.64 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-Black-owned businesses to grow via joint ventures_Business Courier 6-30-06.pdf839.17 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-BE 100 – WPP No. 90 6-2011.pdf1.04 MB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-A miserable life-Wasting ones talent-Cincinnati Business Courier 4-18-08.pdf947.81 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-African American Chamber Names Businesses of the Year_-Cincinnati Business Courier 10-22-09.pdf461.82 KB

An Adobe Acrobat file Article-2008 Tri-State Family Business of Year Awards-World Pac Paper_Business Courier 8-29-08.pdf413.48 KB