Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

World Pac Paper is a proud provider of innovative, creative, functional and eye-catching displays.  Displays are an important part of product marketing.  The effective design, manufacturing and delivery of your POP program to multiple retail and theatre locations are critical.  Our displays can be supplied from concept to delivery.  They may be constructed from a variety of materials and substrates with limitless “special effects” based on your specific application and desired outcome.  We can produce them in any quantity and we can deliver them to any location.

Retail and theater customers are consolidating more and the value of roll-outs of seasonal signage, product releases and store resets are popular.  Custom or generic displays can be produced, put together, complete with instruction sheets depending on the needs of your retail (store) location or theater.

Exhibiting at a trade show, or conference, is one place you want to put your best foot forward to show prospective customers and fans the value and pre-selling entertainment value of your product.  No matter what type of trade show display or exhibit you require World Pac Paper can provide you with that eye-catching display to make the show a hit.


High quality point-of-purchase (POP) displays:
·         Custom design
·         Gravity feed displays
·         Modular displays
·         Counter displays
·         Floor displays/shippers
·         Power wings
·         Sound, light, motion and aroma
·         Etc…
Temporary displays:
·         Simple to complex
Semi-permanent and permanent displays:
·         Combination displays
High impact
Highly creative concepts
A lasting impression
Structural and graphic design
Eye-catching displays and point of sale pieces that:
·         Capture consumer attention
·         Enhance consumer brand equity and awareness
·         Generate customer purchases
·         Increase retailer support
·         Increase impulse buying
  • The right combination of marketing pieces that best accomplish your goals
  • Diverse services and unconventional solutions
  • Complete turn-key results
  • Control through all phases of each solution

POP 12-4-13