Notes From The Chair

The depth and breadth of industry knowledge and experience from the World Pac Paper Management Team augmented with insights from sales professionals and motivational experts have provided various insights to help and encourage the information flow and professional development of World Pac Paper sales team members, customers, vendors/suppliers and visitors to our website.  Our Chairman, Edgar Smith, uses this forum to share insights, information and innovations in the paper and packaging industry, along with tips in the professional development arena.

Please take a look at the various volumes and issues listed below, they are filled with interesting and informative information.  The headings reflect one of the items covered in that particular issue.  


Vol. I No. 1    Introduction / Five Things Sales People Should Never Do

Vol. I No. 2    Social Media Journey

Vol. I No. 3    Sales Zombies

Vol. I No. 4    Sale Today, Educate Tomorrow

Vol. II No. 1    Separating High Achievers from the Mediocrity

Vol. II No. 2    Consultative Selling

Vol. II No. 3    Buyer Motivations

Vol. II No. 4    Closing the Deal

Vol. III No. 1    Writing Proposals that Sell 

Vol. III No. 2    Are Your Customer Service Efforts Effective

Vol. III No. 3    Trade Show Survival Tips

Vol. III No. 4    Emotional Intelligence